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We are adding to our catalog often. Radon Fan Manufacturers. Most often, this part is attached to the exterior walls of your building but this can also be connected in the attic if you prefer an internal system. Radon Mitigation Standards for Schools and Large Buildings (RMS-LB ) Exit This new American National Standard addresses the complexities of properly mitigating radon in large and complicated building structures that require specialized techniques and quality assurance to address complicated building designs and specialized airflow. THE BEST FAN FOR MOST RADON MITIGATION SITUATIONS!

These couplers not only create the union but serve as miniature shock observers for the fan on the radon system. WE WANT TO PROVIDE YOU WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR RADON PROJECTS. Shop radon mitigation fans and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Lowes. However, with radon fans, you’re at the mercy of soil conditions, sub slab fill, suction pit sizing, and much more. Do you need range? 4 Radon vent fans shall be installed in a configuration that avoids condensation buildup. Since then, we have added many products that were invented in our own production labs, tested by independent sources, and grown our product line by dozens of new products.

1 MOUNTING Mount the HS Series Fan to the wall studs, or similar structure, in the selected location with (4) 1/4" x 1 1/2" lag screws (not provided). Quiet operation is another often overlooked issue when purchasing a radon mitigation fan. the Rn4-4 is equiped with a speed controler that can be used to dial in the fan as required. 2 DUCTING CONNECTIONS Make final ducting connection to HS Series Fan with flexible couplings. Rubber components assist with sound and vibration reduction. The RadonAway GP501c Radon Fan is suitable for new construction and retrofit systems and for existing fan replacement.

RadonAway&39;s inline radon fans operate for just pennies per day and come with a 5-year manufacturer&39;s warranty. The RadonAway RP145c Radon Fan is built to resist moisture and can be mounted inside or outside on a 3 in. Mount the SF Series Fan vertically with outlet up. The RP265c Radon Fan is ideal for retrofit systems and is best used when sub-slab or sub-membrane materials radon fan coupling user manual consist of about 4 in. 40 PVC pipe using 3 in. to the anticipated radon fan location. WRD is a preferred supplier of Fantech’s full line of radon mitigation products. Wholesale Radon is proud to be one of the first distributors to offer the new RN series of Fantech radon fans!

CHECK OUT THE SPECS ON THE RN4 RADON FAN! We have personally designed 15 different radon fan models that come in two colors, gray and white. basement, first floor, etc. Meet the fan curve: Fan curves tell you how much cfm you’re moving at a given resistance or suction (measured in inches of water column pressure).

Fantechs&39; Rn4-4 is the most powerful model in the Radon Family The The Rn4 can create 4. Features: • Quiet operation • Water-hardened motor • Seams sealed under negative pressure. We also provide the radon professional with all the necessary supplies to successfully mitigate radon. Whenever possible, fans should be installed in vertical runs of the vent pipe. RadonAway GP Radon Fans. Insure the unit is plumb and level. The manuals provide no guidance other than it accepting 15 amp / 120 volt.

Couplers | Couplings for connecting radon fans. P/NFor information, go to radon-system. Rubber couplings are used to attach the fan to the PVC piping and help to isolate any vibration that the fan might develop over the years of service. 5″ sp 20 cfm at 4.

RadonAway RP145i Radon Fan Pro Series 175,00 € Inc. The Spirit is a low wattage fan suitable for a small foot-print with a very porous sub-slab. These couplings are designed for plumbing application, but have been used in the radon industry for over 20 years. Suncourt RDK04-3 Radon Fan Mitigation Kit, Centrax Inline Centrifugal Fan with 4 inch to 3 inch Rubber Couplers, Indoor and Outdoor Installation 4. Radon fans are continuous duty motors so low energy consumption is good for the earth and your pocket. When mounting directly on the system piping assure that the fan body does not contact any building surface to avoid vibration noise.

Data sheets and fan manuals from Fantech and RadonAway. Mount the SF Series Fan vertically with outlet up. All RadonAway fans are specifically designed for radon mitigation.

The RadonAway GP301c Radon Fan creates slightly higher pressure than the RadonAway GP201c Radon Fan. A: Yes, the 6 inch end of the coupling works with the 6 inch RP fans. 9" WC and maximum flow 121CFM @ 0" WC. Asked onby Peter 2: Q: When your comparing the couplings 79040(4x4) and 79039(4x6)are both the same length? We offer products for radon mitigation projects. radon fan coupling user manual 5" of suction.

6 out of 5 stars 47 5. + PRODUCTS FOR RADON PROJECTS. . Radon Mitigation Fans. It can be mounted inside or outside on 3 in.

Our team offers radon professionals round the clock technical. Here at Festa Radon we have over 20 years of experience in the radon industry. Radio Field Strength Power Meter (EMF-831SD) Data Logging 5. The RadonAway RP265c Radon Fan is built to resist moisture and can be mounted on. VAT: 213,50 € RadonAway Easy Read Manometer - Red 14,90 € Inc. 00 Radon Gas Monitor & Alarm (Pro4) EPA Approved, 48Hr Results 7. 00 Compact WBGT Heat Index Meter (WBGT-208) 40mm Black Ball 9.

The RadonAway GP301c Radon Fan is suitable for new construction and retrofit systems and for existing fan replacement. The RadonAway GP501c Radon Fan creates slightly higher pressure than the RadonAway GP401c Radon Fan. How to guides for DIY homeowner.

5 Radon vent fans mounted on the exterior of buildings shall be rated for outdoor use or installed in a water tight protective housing. How to wire outdoor radon fan? Find radon mitigation fans at Lowe&39;s today. We also provide our valued customers with a wide-range of radon products including sump pumps, radon mitigation tools and diagnostic aids, sealing products and more. The KTA Low-Voltage Radon System is the original low-voltage Radon mitigation system.

Insure the HS Series Fan is both plumb and level. NOTE: When installing an ASD system for radon reduction, any openings, major cracks and penetrations in the building slab or membrane must be sealed. Radon Install kits come with 2 rubber flex couplings to connect radon fan to PVC pipe, a U-tube manometer to easily see that your radon system is working and a set of system labels to make your system compliant with mitigation standards. schedule 40 PVC vent pipe using 3 in. There are many radon fan manufacturers to choose from, but the big three are RadonAway, Festa, and Fantech.

Be sure the airflow arrows on the labels point away from the slab. I want to run a dedicated circuit, only because I don&39;t have anything in the area to tap into. Radonaway is committed to producing quiet operating fans.

Maximum pressure. of clean, user size 4-6 gravel or loose to moderately loose soil. 00 RadonAway Pro Series 4" Radon Mitigation Fan (XP201) 4. Field tested for over 30 years, it&39;s one of the best selling systems in the country.

RadonAway is the world&39;s leading manufacturer and distributor of radon fans and other radon mitigation products and supplies for reducing radon in air and water. For use in instances when fans will be installed away from a power source, the KTA systems allows for fans to be placed up to 100 ft away from a wall outlet. Features: • Quiet operation • Water-hardened motor • Seams sealed under negative pressure 6" X 4" Flexible PVC Coupling for 6" Fan Mounting - White. com Vent pipe for radon, moisture, and other soil gas removal. Rubber couplers connect the radon fan to the suction pipes. As you can see from my selection of top 5 radon fans they come in different power and CFM ratings. RadonAway offers a wide range of radon fan models to effectively reduce radon in air from homes and other residential, public and commercial buildings.

High Flow – High Suction 490 cfm at 0. The radon fan is the most important part of the radon mitigating system. White couplings are generally used for outside fan installations because they are UV resistant. 2 SYSTEM PIPING Complete piping run, using flexible couplings as means of disconnect for servicing the unit and. Reduce vibration noise by utilizing low-durometer, vibration-isolating radon-specific couplings from Fantech, LDVIs for short (sometimes called “squishies”).

There has been some confusion in coupling size over the years. Radon Supplies opened its doors in 1999, offering just a handful of radon mitigation items such as radon fans, couplers, and of course, our own VM2 Manometer. Commonly used for radon fan mounting. Fantech is a globally-recognized leader in ventilation products that are known for their radon products with unmatched quality and durability.

Do you need performance? . Affix one supplied radon label to the pipe at each level of the structure (e. Radon fans, the parts used to install them and tools to help the job go radon fan coupling user manual better.

For 3" PVC pipe use 5 X3 coupling For 4" PVC pipe use 5 X 4 coupling. Lascar EL-WIFI-T EasyLog WiFi Temperature Data Logger 9. Soil Gas Collector Mat installation. In the radon industry, we use flexible couplings to create a service break between the radon fan and the vent pipe. GET THE FAN COUPLERS YOU NEED. A: Very close, within 1/4 inch or less. Used to connect fans with 6" collars to 4" PVC pipe. 3" of vacumm while moving 20 cfm of air or move 490 cfm air at 0.

VAT: 18,18 € GM 1-2 Radon Grab Sampler/Micro Manometer 1. Fans are attached to PVC pipe using 2 flexible couplings. 00 Lascar ELGFX-2+ High Accuracy Temperature/Humidity Data Logger 9. GP Series Fans offer a wide range of performance options that make them ideal radon fan coupling user manual for most sub-slab radon mitigation systems. The vent pipe normally consists of schedule 20 or 40 PVC pipe and the flexible couplings allow the installer to adapt to various size vent pipes and fans. In May, RadonAway introduced Pro Series Stay-White™ radon fans for radon professionals, meeting the aesthetic needs of the radon community and their customers. 4" PVC is commonly used for radon mitigation systems since its long lasting and readily available. With a variety of radon fan lines and models to select from, our customers can find the right fans for their radon mitigation jobs, from the most routine to the most challenging.

Page 7: Product Specifications. 40 PVC vent pipe using 4 in. in the fan housing.

Low Voltage Radon Fan Info. Asked onby Conrad 3: Q: Can these couplers be used with Fantech radon fans? 3″ sp Equipped with EC Motor, Speed Control, Includes LDVI™ Couplings, Includes Airtight Housing. 2 SYSTEM PIPING Complete piping run, using flexible couplings as means of disconnect for servicing the unit and vibration isolation.

Radon fan coupling user manual

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